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SPIN-OFF: Hubilife Srl - Human Centered and Bio-Inspired Ideas for Daily Life

Year of incorporation: 
Automazione & Robotica
Life Sciences
Nanotech & Materiali

The first product designed by Hubilife s.r.l. is HUBI-Mosquito, a device luring and killing hematophagous insects.

HUBI-Mosquito is a pest insects control system, and in particular it is focused at fighting hematophagous arthropods endowed with stinger-like proboscis mouthparts, such as mosquitoes.


Awards and acknowledgement:

although the very young story of Hubilife s.r.l., several achievements can be already mentioned:

  • 3° place at the StartCup Toscana 2018 (Florence, Italy);
  • Finalist for the Innovation National Prize 2018, (Verona, Italy).

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna