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PRAGMA ENGINEERING Srl provides services for design, development and implementation of hardware and software systems.

HUMANWARE Srl works in the field of engineering services and R&D, offering new solutions and technologies in the field of medicine and in particular the rehabilitation to facilitate the recovery of patients and assist the work of clinicians.

Hyntelo provides professional services and digital solutions based on artificial intelligence, allowing to extract information and value from data, improving the business for customers in numerous application sectors.
In particular, the areas in which our skills are developed are: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, Engineering & Data Science, Digital Developments, Data Strategy & Management, Data Monetization and Data Visualization.

Hyntelo now has more than 60 employees, divided between the headquarters in Rome and the Tech Hub in Pisa, and customers all over the world, mainly in the Finance and Life Science sectors.

We have received several awards for our achievements, including being listed by the Financial Times as one of the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe in both 2021 and 2022.

SMANIA Srl develops and produces a new generation neural interfaces for clinical and research applications, for human and animal use.

Loliettooil Srl deals with a project for pure vegetable oils production and commercialization.

Fastenica Srl develops sensor technology products and solutions for applications in robotics, biomedicine and automation.

Wearable Robotics Srl develops new technological solutions for robotic assisted training and rehabilitation.

Iuvo ‘s mission is to develop innovative wearable robotics technologies and foster their market exploitation in different business areas, such as medical, industrial and consumer.

PROBIOMEDICA Srl combines photonics and robotics, engineering and biology, to develop innovative devices for application to health and personal care.

Better Than Real Srl is a spin-off founded by researchers and technicians of Scuola Sant'Anna School of Pisa, joined with l businesses leader in the logistics sector, operating for several years in the Livorno’s area