SPIN-OFF: Better Than Real Srl

Better Than Real Srl is a spin-off founded by researchers and technicians of Scuola Sant'Anna School of Pisa, joined with l businesses leader in the logistics sector, operating for several years in the Livorno’s area

Better Than Real Srl is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of simulators and robotic technologies and virtual reality simulation connected.

Better Than Real Srl mission is to exploit and to transfer these technologies towards industrial applications.

  • Mechanuga is a project born from the desire to create the technological aids and mechatronic applications, to apply to hoisting and in movement cargo already in use in the logistics sector, with the objective to allow their safe use by persons with motor disabilities.
  • Reach Stacker is a type of classical simulator, static, with actual driving position and steering console., which reproduces exactly, through a 2D view, the maneuvers of a Kalmarv ReachStacker.
  • Ship to Shore is kind of simulator, unique in its kind, shich reproduces, in a 1:10 real scale, a container discharger. Through the camera placed in the same position as the signal box, you can play back images in a control room where a real a control panel with the same characteristics of the signal box was rebuilt.

Year of incorporation: 
Automazione & Robotica Industriale
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna