InnoVaRe News - Innovation and Exploitation of Research is the newsletter by JoTTO.
The goal is to collect and disseminate news regarding research exploitation, innovation and business creation, to meet the needs of researchers at the Schools and the SpinOuts to be constantly updated on the topics.

Five sections make up InnoVaRe News:

  • Events: an updated list of the main congresses and conferences aimed at enhancing research, as well as in-depth seminars for researchers and entrepreneurs.
  • Calls and Awards: a collection of relevant competitions for business creation awards and financing for innovative Spin Off and StartUp.
  • JoTTO @: a collection of events attended by the JoTTO office, on technology transfer, innovation, research exploitation, business creation, financing and meetings with companies.
  • Regulatory Updates: up-to-date information regarding the main regulations in the field of innovative policies and Startup companies.
  • Selected by JoTTO: in-depth analysis of various types regarding technology transfer, innovation, research enhancement and business creation

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