How to create a spin-off

The Schools belonging to JoTTO support the creation and development of spin-off companies, as a useful tool to make public research a driver for local, regional and national economic development and to create jobs and new resources for the country.


Spin-off means a company whose purpose is the transfer to the market the results and skills acquired in carrying out research activities at the institutions of origin. 

The Schools have their internal regulations for the authorization of the creation of spin-off companies and they identify the conditions for maintaining the status.

The staff of JoTTO is able to provide the needed support for the definition of the business idea and for the drafting of the internal forms necessary for the authorization request.


In addition, JoTTO suggests tools for facilitating and supporting entrepreneurship sponsored by national and regional bodies, to speed up the process of development and growth of the company.


The propronents at the Schools that intends to set up a spin-off company, can contact JoTTO for a preliminary preliminary assessment meeting of the idea.


Subsequently, they will have to prepare a draft of the request of constitution document which will be examined by JoTTO, evaluated by the Joint Technology Transfer Commission and submitted for approval to the competent internal bodies.


During the last years the Schools have supported the creation of various companies in the following technological fields:


• Automation & Robotics

•Cultural heritage

• Biomedical

• Electronics

• Energy and the environment


• Life Sciences

• Nanotech & Materials

• Innovation services