How to file a patent

JoTTO promotes, if conditions exist, the legal protection of intellectual property to enhance the inventive results of researchers.

JoTTO's staff is able to assist the inventors in all aspects of technology transfer: from the filing of the patent to the exploitation of the protected technologies, in the marketing and licensing of the patents.

To start the process of evaluation of the patent idea, the proposing team must compile the Invention Disclosure that briefly describes the invention, identifies its scientific source, specify the origin of the inventors and provides useful indications for the definition of the ownership of the patent. In addition, the inventors are invited to prepare, with the support of the JoTTO's staff, the Patent Report useful for the analysys of the requirements of patentability and the preparation of the application.

The documentation is then submitted to the Joint Technology Transfer Commission of JoTTO, which has to express on the patentability of the invention and on the authorization to proceed with the filing of a patent on behalf of the School, in 20 days.

The four schools have a patent portfolio in the following thematic areas:

Chemistry and Biotechnology
Energy & renewable sources
ICT & Electronics
Materials & Nanotechnologies
Robotics & Automation