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ROBOTECH is a SME and R&D company investing in research in Service Robotics and committed to bring Service Robots to the market.

HENESIS Srl develops and applies advanced machine learning, machine vision, and digital signal processing techniques to innovative products and services in the fields of brain computer interfaces

Ekymed Spa is an Italian company which operates in the public and private hospitality sector, in Italy and abroad, developing solutions and products with high characteristics of innovativeness.

Wriggle Solutions Srls copes with the automotive industrial field, providing services such as advisory, training and design and development of hardware and software systems. 

Tellus srl is a company founded by a team of agronomists and environmental scientists of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

The company focusses on the design and development of ICT and cooperative robotic systems. 

exHomine Srl has the mission to develop, produce, commercialize, and exploit IP rights of products in the field of mechanics, robotics, biorobotics and (more generally) mechatronics

ABzero offers a blood service ensuring automatic and immediate delivery. The transported good is safely stored in a smart capsule, which protects the quality according the standards of the law.

Canapisti is an innovative company that focuses its business on the research, development and transformation of Cannabis. .